Earlier this year, I knit a bag.


It’s made of hand spun wool, which I dyed with Kool-Aid.  Two packages of black cherry, and one of orange. The original color was grayish brown. Or was it brownish gray? 😉

The bag is knit on circular needles, because I decided to minimize the number of seams.  It has one seam at the bottom.  And even that one I closed without sewing.


Well, more on that later.

The pattern is actually fairly simple. I used a combination of garter stitch and stockinette stitch. Stockinette because, well it’s easy on circular needles.  You just knit every stitch.  And garter, because I wanted a flat not rolled top and a thicker bottom.

The bag ends when it does because, well I was tired of knitting garter stitch on circular needles. Hey, I thought it’s as good an excuse as any! 😉

Garter stitch makes a nice sturdy bottom, don’t you agree?

When I made the bag, I wasn’t sure if I’d use it for a purse or a bag.  I decided to line it because, well pens and knitting needles tend to poke through the knitted fabric.  And after I finished it, I decided I like it for my knitting.

So, now I have a knitted knitting bag. 😀

The instructions, including how I closed the bottom and my suggestions for places you could customize it are all in the pattern.

The pattern is free. You can download it here.

Here’s another view:


Or two … 8)




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