Knitting with crochet thread is definitely a challenge.

Maybe that’s the reason it’s called crochet thread or crochet cotton. 😉

I’m using two strands of #10 thread, and stockinette stitch.  I like how the two colors of thread make their own pattern, even though it doesn’t show up well in this picture..


Even so, my progress has been slower than I’d like.

I’m trying to decide if it’s the size of the thread … the small circular knitting needles … or because the thread doesn’t “give” like yarn. Or maybe it’s a combination of more than one.

Right now, I just can’t figure it out.

What I do know is I seem to be finding excuses — maybe any excuse — to avoid knitting this project.

First it was one thing, then another.  And when I find myself looking for chores to do instead of knitting … well, I know there’s something not quite right. 😀

The project started off okay. Here it is on May 1:

Navy and black crochet cotton on circular needle

And now it’s probably about half finished:


It’s definitely at the, “Do I want to continue with this or just rip it out and start over?” stage.  And, I can’t decide.

Somehow the prospect of knitting this project has become, well w-o-r-k.  :roll:

My general rule of knitting is: it should be fun … or at least enjoyable.  In all truthfulness, I do like the softness of the knitted fabric. It has a nice thickness to it, and just might make the whole project worthwhile.

So, instead of ripping out my hard work, I’ll take a page from Scarlett O’Hara … and think about it tomorrow.

After all, it is only knitting …



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