Ever have one of those days?

You know, you search for a clean dishcloth. Only to discover …


Most of them are worn, many beyond repair. Amazing how they all seem to go simultaneously. And no, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy.

More likely, I wait until I need more than one, and then make a bunch at a time.

Dishcloths are interesting. They can be as plain or fancy as you like. Since I’ve recently been working with garter stitch, I thought I’d see how many variations of garter stitch I could make.


This is one of my favorite patterns. I start with how ever many stitches I want, using the size needles I feel like, and basically knit a square … unless I feel like making an oblong. 😉

Then I bind off.


The diagonal knit dishcloth is a favorite with many folks. I see it listed often as “Grandma’s Dishcloth Pattern” or “Old-Fashioned Dishcloth Pattern.” That’s not to say Grandma is always old-fashioned of course. 🙂


Waffle Stitch is probably not technically garter stitch. It does use only knit stitches with no purling, so I’m including it. I like the thickness, and it makes a nice scrubbing dishcloth.


Mitered dishcloth is fun. Mostly because I like to start with the long end, and decrease as I go. It’s lovely to work fewer and fewer stitches as the square grows. Sure makes the project seem to be going faster, anyway. The pattern is here, just use one strand of yarn and adjust the number of stitches to make the size you want.


Rippled dishcloth is a stitch I modified. From the ripple afghan stitch, I changed it to a garter stitch ripple. Hey, it’s allowed! After all, it is only knitting! 😀


After eight different patterns, I decided I have enough dishcloths for awhile. And, I still have some yarn left over. At least until I decide to knit some more.


I used my size seven Denise Knitting Needles from Alpaca Direct. I still smile whenever I use them because I enjoy them … like that they’re made in Virginia … and Alpaca Direct’s free shipping for orders over $50 always makes me smile.

The cotton worsted weight yarn is Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn Twists-Rose Twists and Sugar ‘n Cream Bronze Blue Culinary Colors-3 oz.

Keep knitting to your heart’s delight — or someone else’s,


The Knitting Yarn

P.S. The ripple dishcloth is part of my Garter Ripple Kitchen Set and available here.



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