Knitting three dimensional projects like socks is fun.

In the case of knitting socks the fine yarn and thin needles are challenging when you first start to knit socks . . .even if you’ve been knitting for years!

My first socks were knit on five double pointed needles.

A picture of double point knitting needles in use (not mine!)

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For simple patterns, such as stockinette or ribbing, I had no problems.  My most recent sock project was, however, lace socks.

I used WendyKnits’ free Sprucey Lucy sock pattern.

The first sock I knit with my trusty double pointed needles.  They’re bamboo, and I have knit several projects with them.

All went well . . .until after turning the heel.  Then I found myself dropping stitches, and losing my place more often than I like.

The sock pattern has a natural divide into two parts, even after turning the heel.

And my extra needles (5 not 2) didn’t help.  In the interest of full disclosure my tendency to multitask while knitting — to say nothing about the sometimes-constant interruptions when I knit — also played roles.

Circular & double pointed knitting needles

I thought maybe the two circular needles, which after all are what Wendy uses, would help.    I had one Susan Bates Quicksilver Circular Knitting Needles 24 Inch – Size 1.  I ordered a second since my local yarn shop is the Internet!  The investment in both needles was under $15 — within my budget.

By the time the needle arrived, I had completed the first sock and was working on the foot of the second.  I switched to the circular needles, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use them.

The yarn I’m using: Patons Stretch Socks-Mineral colorway, actually slips more easily off the circular needles than the bamboo needles.  Why? Well, the finish on the circular metal needles is smoother than the bamboo . . .or maybe the bamboo needles are a bit worn.

Knitting the second sock was much easier.

At the ribbed cuff I switched back to the double-pointed needles.  The circular needles seem a bit cumbersome for simple ribbing, although with some practice I might just change my mind. 😉

Sprucey Lucy Knee High Socks

Sprucey Lucy Knee High Socks

After completing this project, my next project was designing Christmas stockings.  Is it any wonder they’re knit with worsted weight yarn (quick and larger needles) and simple stockinette stitch?  In circular knitting stockinette stitch is knit every row.  No matter whether you use double-pointed or circular needles!  You can find the kits here.

Keep knitting to your heart’s delight — or someone else’s,


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