I used to think I was allergic to wool. Every time I used it, my fingers would itch and it felt very scratchy. 🙁

More recently, though I’ve found it’s not the wool: it’s the processing!  Some processed fibers still are too scratchy, but the lesser processed fibers work just fine.  Good thing too, or I wouldn’t have been able to finish my latest project.

Here’s what’s left of two balls of handspun that wasn’t dyed. It’s from Brown Sheep Mills mill end roving, and is very soft to knit.

Homespun yarn natural colors

It was a real pleasure to knit this yarn.

I decided upon a lace scarf.

As you can see, the lace pattern isn’t very prominent:

Close-up of lace pattern

That’s because the handspun yarn “blooms” and fills in the spaces. It does, however, make a very nice warm scarf.

The original knitting instructions made a very wide scarf in this yarn. So, I ended up frogging a bunch of it, and re-knitting it in a narrower width.

And yes, knitting a swatch first helped me to decide the pattern, yarn, and needles worked well together.

The pattern comes with instructions on how to resize it. It’s The Columbine II Seamen’s Scarf in Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves: Lace Faroese-Shaped Shawls from the Neck Down & Seamen’s Scarves. This book has multiple levels of skill for the projects. I may just end up knitting several of the projects as I practice my lace knitting. 😉


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