Well, I’m excited! My Danish tie-shawl is nearly complete.

Shawl 02_04_09

I’ve wanted to make one with singles since I saw the Traditional Danish Tie-Shawls by Dorothea Fischer in Spin-Off magazine. I did start one last summer, but used knitting worsted since that’s what I had on hand.  The shawl quickly became too heavy and cumbersome to knit, so I ended up with a deep lace border.

Now that I have singles, I’m amazed at how light the shawl is.  And, how quickly it makes up.  It’s fairly easy, since it’s garter stitch.  The biggest challenges I found were starting it and counting stitches.

The initial part can be hard to visualize.  By following the directions and the pattern pictures, taking it slowly step-by-step, I knit it.  However, another knitter I know found the directions too confusing.

The increases definitely make it prudent to count stitches.  I found myself making errors early on, but after several inches seemed to get into a rhythm.  Initially, I did have to rework parts of the shawl because I’d forgotten an increase.  I also used stitch markers around the center stitches to remind me of the increases there.  For me, those were harder to remember than the ones at the ends.

I’m up to 297 stitches per row.  Okay, so that’s not as big as say a blanket that can reach 900 or more.  Still, you can see how stretched the knitting edge (the “V” edge) is now over 60 inches long.

I’ve been looking at examples others have knit, and it sure seems to be a popular pattern.  I like the variations, and suspect I’ll be making more in the future.

If you’d like the pattern, it’s available through Spin-Off Magazine. Click here to buy now.

The above link to Spin-Off Magazine is an affiliate link. However, Spin-Off Magazine did not provide me with the pattern or issue.



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