Christmas stocking stuffers: What are in your Christmas stockings?

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When I was a kid, often our Christmas stockings had individually wrapped gifts.

Each gift might be small, but it was exciting to open them!  And it was only later we realized Santa used the wrapping paper my mother carefully saved from presents the year before.

Santa was thrifty!

And those Christmas stocking stuffers were often something we could enjoy for more than just a moment or two. I remember practical gifts, such as socks and Chapsticks.  I don’t ever recall feeling deprived of toys, although many of today’s children might feel that way.

You see, my parents grew up in The Depression, and so any Christmas gift was a big deal to them. After some prodding, they both had stories of very lean Christmases.

But I never heard one word of complaint.

No, instead they were glad they could have a single gift . . .or could make gifts for other family members.  Their families were not poor because they had something to eat and a warm house.

My mother told stories of the poor children in town who walked the railroad tracks  to collect coal that fell off the trains.  The coal was to heat their houses.  Now those children would have been happy for coal for Christmas!

Somehow it gives a different perspective, doesn’t it?

Christmas stocking stuffers can be challenging . . .they can be fun . . .and even both!

Part of the fun is making the gifts unique for the recipient . . .young or older.  And any gift should be age-appropriate.

So what are some practical Christmas stocking stuffers?

  • Crayons . . .markers . . .and/or colored pencils.  For drawing and writing of course!
  • A blank book for drawings or a journal.  This can encourage a child to write and/or draw regularly.
  • The ever-practical toothbrush . . .comb . . .Chapstick . . .or even socks.  They can stuff the stocking well!
  • A small book or puzzle.  You might even be able to convince Santa to include one that’s educational!
  • Sticker, craft supplies, and even play dough.

You might even make some knitted stocking stuffers!

Is this an all-inclusive list?  Nope.

Just some suggestions to spark your imagination.

And of course, what’s more personal than knitted Christmas stockings?

Update 12/11/2011: Get my Christmas stocking patterns to knit by clicking here right now.

Keep knitting to your heart’s delight — or someone else’s,


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