I remember watching one of my aunts knit and crochet.

When I saw her — usually at a family reunion — she had a smile on her face.  And it didn’t take much to get her to laugh.

Although many would have considered her life challenging she always seemed joyful.  She knit and crocheted some of the most beautiful pieces . . .

How can knitting be part of heart healthy tips?

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When I think of the knitters and crocheters I’ve known over the years, many of them also seem to go through life happy and at peace.  I’ve often wondered if they knitted or crocheted because of its calming effects — or if their personality attracted them to the needlework.

You know sometimes when life gets stressful I like to just . . .stop and knit.

If you’ve been knitting a while, you probably know why.

Concentrating on the knitting focuses your attention.

How often have you found a solution to a problem after knitting?

Or just found yourself more relaxed and calm afterward?

Did you know medical science has now confirmed that meditation and knitting have a lot in common?  Harvard researchers found when you meditate or knit for 20 minutes:

  • Your heart rate decreases . . .
  • Your breathing decreases and . . .
  • Even your metabolism slows down!

Who would have thought knitting could be heart-healthy?

While there are lots of ways to reduce stress . . .

Some people like to hold or pet a dog or cat . . .

Heart healthy tips: Petting a dog?

And some find knitting soothing . . .

Heart healthy tips include knitting

Heart healthy tips include knitting

And then there’s always something that isn’t recommended . . .

Stress Reduction Kit

Stress Reduction Kit


What are your favorite heart healthy tips for stress reduction?

Keep knitting to your heart’s delight — or someone else’s,


The Knitting Yarn

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