If scrubbies are a kind of dishcloth, tawashi are a kind of scrubbie.

So yes, they are related.

Traditional tawashi are Japanese scrub brushes.  Among knitters and crocheters, tawashi often means a special kind of scrubbie.

Tawashi are usually made of acrylic yarn.  The combination of acrylic yarn and garter stitch ridges makes scrubbing easier.  Tawashi usually don’t scratch surfaces.

Even though acrylic is manufactured, acrylic tawashi are also known as eco-tawashi.  Why?

Well, because they need less soap — or even none — to work.

They are too harsh for delicate skin, though!

Tawashi: a new kind of knitted dishcloth?

Tribble tawashi

Ready to try tawashi?

There are lots of patterns on Ravelry, some for sale and some free.  One of the handiest ones I’ve found is a free pattern called Tribble2.

While the original pattern calls for cotton yarn, it makes a great acrylic Tawashi!

Just click here for the link to the pattern page.

And just for fun, I thought you might just enjoy this video on knitting from Fraggle Rock:

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