After Pat lost her vision, she continued knitting.

Her specialty was baby blankets.  She knit them for friends . . .family . . .and her church members.  Welcoming each new addition with a soft cuddly blanket.

Looking at her work you’d never know she was blind.  Plus she continued to knit after recovering from a major heart attack.

Inspirational stories warm the heart . . .

Seeing how someone with what the world considers disabilities can overcome them and create treasures is inspiring.

And sometimes just the added push I need to complete a project.  My current project is a hat.


Hat in progress from my own knitting instructions


My own pattern.  The knitting instructions are a work in progress. 😉

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t been working on it much the last couple of weeks.

After watching this inspirational video about a group of knitters who are blind, I think it’s time to pick up my knitting needles again . . .

Hey if they can knit beautiful articles like that without sight, can’t anyone?

What inspires you . . .?

People? Animals? Unique knitting instructions? Soft yarn?

Leave a comment to share your inspirational sources.

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Keep knitting to your heart’s delight — or someone else’s,


Ina Gilmore

“The Knitting Dr.”


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