How To Knit Videos: How Do I Cast On With the Long Tail Cast On?

Are you using the same cast on for knitting you’ve always used?

Wondering if maybe there’s another way you might find easier?  At least for some yarns and patterns?

How To Knit Videos How Do I Cast On With the Long Tail Cast On?For many years Carol used the same cast on.

Oh she tried to follow some she saw in books and some on videos.  Never found one she liked though.

When she was the primary caregiver for her mother, Carol began to knit whenever she had a break.  And as her knitting grew so did her interest in various knitting methods.  That’s when she read Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop.  There Carol discovered the long tail cast on.

When Carol hadn’t heard of the long tail cast on so didn’t realize how simple and easy it was until she read the instructions by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  It’s amazing the difference a great teacher makes, isn’t it?

What’s so interesting about the long tail cast on?

  • Even beginners can find it easy to make a lovely cast on edge.
  • Once it’s cast on, you have the first row knit and are ready to start with Row 2!
  • It’s easy to knit your second row, unlike some other cast on methods.

And with how to knit videos, it’s even easier to learn it than reading the directions.  Watch this video I made for both right-handed and left-handed knitters at

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