How To Knit Videos: What Is an Easy Knit Cast On For Beginners?

Wondering how to cast on easily and quickly?

Or maybe you’d like to just have options for your cast ons?

Why should knitters have more than one way to cast on?

  • Some yarns work better with one cast on over another.
  • Some first rows are easier with one cast on over another.
  • Sometimes you want a certain look to the cast on edge.
  • Sometimes you just feel like a different cast on or a pattern calls for a certain one.
  • Sometimes “just because” without any other reason.

An easy cast on is to simply knit your stitches right onto your needle.  Even beginners can do this.

How to knit a knit cast on

Wondering how to knit a knit cast on?

1. Begin with a slip knot.

2. Knit a stitch as you normally do, and do not slip the slip stitch off the working needle (Right hand needle if you’re knitting right-handed).

3. Slip your new stitch onto the needle next to the slip stitch (left-hand needle of you’re right-handed).

4. Remove your working needle.

5. Put your needle into the new stitch and knit again, repeating steps 2 through 5 for the desired number of stitches.

How To Knit Videos are helpful to actually see how the stitches are formed.  Watch my how to knit video for a knit cast on at


Isn’t it great how many different ways there are to knit?

In many ways knitting accommodates and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing you are unique. And a treasure.

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