How To Knit Videos: How Do I Knit a Classic Left Cable?

Thinking cable stitches are as complicated as they look?

Wondering where to start with knitting a cable?

You may be surprised to find out that many cable stitches are not as complicated as they look. Now when you put several together they do indeed look complicated, and you need to be able to know which row you’re in.

Multiple cables

I remember when I first started knitting cables.

Probably because I didn’t know many knitters find them intimidating, I just started knitting them.  Jumped right in with my knitting needles, and just watched to be sure the stitches were not twisted more than they should be.

And frankly no one was more surprised than I was when they turned out fine!

So how do you knit a classic left cable?

  • Knit in the pattern up to the cable stitches.
  • When you’re knitting right-handed, you put the first half of the stitches on your cable needle and move it to the front of your work.
  • Knit the second half of the cable stitches.
  • Go back and knit the stitches from the cable needle.
  • Continue in the pattern.

My video with instructions for knitting a classic left cable is at

Ready for more information on knitting cables?

From simple twists to complex designs?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a guide you could hold in your hands?

Well now there is!

For more information go to

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