Looking to knit a classic knitted dishcloth pattern?

One that’s easy?

How about one that only uses two different rows other than the cast on and bind off rows?

Knitting doesn’t get any easier than that! 😉

Recently I was reminded how classic this pattern is.

My friend Renee said she’d been looking for a dishcloth pattern her grandma used to knit.  Renee didn’t know the name, but described it as a simple dishcloth with a lace-like border.  Apparently her grandma didn’t share the pattern.

Likely Renee’s grandma memorized the pattern, so didn’t write it down.  After Renee saw a picture, she agreed it was Grandma’s (Grandmother’s) Favorite Knitted Dishcloth Pattern.

Here’s the picture she saw and recognized:

Grandma's Favorite Knitted Dishcloth

Grandma's Favorite Knitted Dishcloth

I was thrilled to share the name with Renee.  Since it was her grandma’s favorite pattern, the name fits.  And this latest in my how to knit videos shows how to knit it.

[youtube id=”uBFtiOT9vu0″]

You can get a free download version by clicking here.

Ready to try a fancier knitted dish cloth and towel pattern?

Then click on this link to check out my easy Ripple Kitchen Set.


Keep knitting to your heart’s delight — or someone else’s,

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