Have you tried a crochet cast on?

The other day I was looking for a different cast on.  One that would look nice and be even.  And fairly easy to do.

Sometimes I just like to try knitting different techniques, you know?

I came across the chain cast on, which I call a simple crochet cast on. This cast on works with either knit or purl stitches, and makes a nice finished edge.  It makes a nice edge for ribbing too.

How do you cast on with this stitch?

1. Start with crocheting a chain stitch.  You chain the number of stitches you want in your cast on row.  And be sure to count the first slip stitch and the stitch on your crochet hook.

Your chain should be crocheted fairly loosely.  When crocheted too tightly, it’s hard to knit or purl the first row.  There can be variations with yarn and crochet hooks, so it may take some experimenting – and practice.

How To Knit Video: How Can I Cast On With a Crochet Hook?
Showing bumps on back of chain

2. Slip the loop on the crochet hook onto your knitting needle for the first stitch.  Turn the chain to the back and pick up the “bumps” in the center of the chain.  You want to either knit or purl through each bump to get your first row of stitches.

How To Knit Video: How Can I Cast On With a Crochet Hook?

Loop from hook forms first stitch, needle in position to knit second stitch

3. To knit stitches, put your needle in from front to back.  To purl, your needle goes from back to front.

You may find that using the crochet hook to get the yarn through the bump, or opening the bump enough to get the needle through helps.

How To Knit Video: How Can I Cast On With a Crochet Hook?

Finished cast on showing bottom chain

Like many new techniques, you may find this requires some practice.  Watch this how to knit video for the technique.

Can’t see the video?  

Watch it at


There are lots of books out there with knitting instructions and patterns.

And even online sources.  Personally I like one with lots of color illustrations or photos, and written instructions plus diagrams.  Sometimes one is easier than another to read.

You can find one of my favorites at


Until next time

Keep knitting to your heart’s delight – or someone else’s,

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