One of the nice things about a knitted dishcloth pattern is its gauge usually doesn’t matter.

Which is a blessing for me, because I’ve been known to rewrite patterns to match my gauge.

Yes, really!  I knit loosely, and use the pick or Continental method.  When I use the throw or English/American method, the gauge is much closer.  And my knitting is much tighter.  So I think most patterns are written by knitters using the throw method.

Personally I find the pick method much easier, faster and smoother.  If you like a different method GREAT!Rippled Dishcloth

What else makes knitted dishcloth patterns good projects for many knitters?

* They’re small projects
* They’re usually portable projects…
* They’re often in simple stitches and simple patterns, nice for beginners or experts who want a simple project.

They’re small projects, which are great if your knitting may be interrupted. 

Ever been frustrated when you sit down to knit and get interrupted in the middle of a row?

If you’re a caregiver – including a mother – you just know that’s going to happen.  And a complicated pattern like fancy lace needs your concentration not interruptions every few minutes.

Because they’re smaller projects, they can be tucked into a purse or bag easily.  They’re easily whipped out when waiting like at a doctor’s appointment, and if you’re traveling on a plane don’t take up a lot of space on your lap or in your bag. 

Garter stitch is all knit stitches.  It makes a GREAT scrubbing dishcloth.  And there are simple variations of garter stitch that make up nicely into dishcloths.

Traditionally dishcloths are made of cotton worsted weight yarn, easier to work with than wool in the summer.  You can also substitute acrylic yarn which makes a great scrubbing cloth for dishes or cleaning.  Never for skin though as it’s too harsh.

Sometimes you want a small project that’s simple yet looks fancy.  One pattern is my Ripple Kitchen Set available at

Garter ripple kitchen set

Garter ripple kitchen set

And knitting new dishcloths and even dish towels can quickly brighten up your kitchen – or someone else’s!

Keep knitting to your heart’s delight – or someone else’s,

Dr. Ina

Ina Gilmore M.D. (ret.)

The Knitting Dr

Ambassador of Elder Care,

Founder, and



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