Thunderstorms and earthquakes and Hurricane Irene… Oh my!

This week certainly has been interesting weather-wise. It started with a SEVERE thunderstorm here. At 3 AM! Although I was tired, I realized sleep would not be an option for awhile. So of course, I started a new project…

 How to Knit Videos: New project

Then there were earthquakes in Colorado and in Virginia!

The one from Virginia was felt here. No rattling shaking in the house. It just felt for a few seconds as though the floor was on a boat with gentle waves, not on solid ground. 

Hurricane Irene was predicted for a time to cause major damage here. At least one store in town was having plywood put up across its windows yesterday. This morning I awoke to the news that we’re now in the “low risk” area.

The news is full of worries about the earthquake being worse or a terrorist act.  And of course there are the worries a hurricane will impact unprepared areas.

Which started me to thinking about knitting and worries…

One of the questions that occurs for a knitter’s first project is, “How do I end?”  Meaning, how to bind off or cast off your knitting.

It’s a reasonable concern. Makes me smile just thinking about how serious I took that.  A non-problem actually. And there’s a simple bind off most knitters learn. 

How do you bind off simply and easily?

  • Work the first two stitches of your row, either knit or purl.  A good rule of thumb is to follow the pattern from the last row unless the directions suggest otherwise. 
  • Slip the first stitch over the second, and you now have one stitch.
  • Continue, work another stitch then slip the next to last one worked over the last one worked.
  • Keep going across the row.
  • At the end, cut your yarn and bring the yarn through the last loop. Leave a long enough end to weave in the end or sew a seam depending upon your project.

And you can watch the technique in this video, which is Episode 7 in The Knitting Yarn How To Knit Videos

If you cannot view the video, click here to view it.

My new project is part of a pattern series I’m developing for knitters who need portable easy projects that can be dropped and started at a moment’s notice. For knitters whose knitting time may not be on a schedule. Like when caregiving.  More information on that in a future post.

In the meantime…

When you’re busy with well the busy-ness of life, sometimes it’s hard to recognize your successes.

Now there’s a tool to help you recognize your success and stay inspired. For more information about this tool go to


Keep knitting to your heart’s delight – or someone else’s,

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