Do you remember when?

Each generation seems to have an event that changed everything.  My parents spoke about Pearl Harbor.  Everyone in their generation knew where they were when they heard the news. 

Some of my older colleagues spoke about the assassination of President Kennedy the same way.  Both were events that shattered their respective generations’ feelings of safety.

Just like the Challenger disaster shattered the feeling of safety in space in the early 1980s.

And more recently the 9/11 attack in 2001.

Memorial flags 911 attack

When attacked, crafters have always been part of supporting the heroes.  I remember reading Little Women as a child.  As I recall at least one of the girls knit for their father who was away at the Civil War.

I’ve found similar stories for other wars.  During World War I and II, women knit a variety of things for the military from hats to washcloths to socks.  And after 911, there are knitting and crocheting groups that support the military and other heroes.  One group has members make a square for an afghan that is then sent to the fallen heroes’ families.

There are a variety of free knitting patterns available to support the military and other heroes of the 911 attack, including

  • Helmet liners to keep heads warm under helmets…
  • Neck warmers…
  • Socks and slippers for the military.

And there are multiple benefits in crafting under stress –

  • The crafter relaxes while crafting.  The Relaxation Response is very powerful. 
  • Supporting the heroes, turning a negative into a positive.
  • Generating that warm comforting feeling in giving of yourself and your item. While sometimes you never hear back, other times you can get acknowledgement of your gift.

When I heard about the 911 Remembrance Organization and its 911 Remembrance Las Vegas Event, I knew I wanted to help support all the heroes of 911.  I volunteered to write a post, and felt compelled to create a special knitting pattern for the organization.

Black and red 911 REMEMBRANCE Free Knitting Patterns for HatsI’ve added it to my free knitting patterns.  It’s available by registering for the free membership at The Knitting Yarn.  Just go to

In return please consider supporting the 9/11 Remembrance Organization or the 911 Remembrance Las Vegas Event.  You can support them however you want.  You can get more information on their website.

Sometimes it just helps to show others you care. 

How do you show someone you care?

  • When you’re a knitter or other crafter you may make something.
  • Maybe you send a letter or a card or make a phone call.
  • Maybe you support them financially.

When you’re stumped about how to show someone you care, now there’s a free way to share your gift.  While it says it’s to help relieve stress, overwhelm and burnout – and it does – it’s more.  It’s a way to show others they’re important.  And you can do it anonymously or not.  You can find out more at

Keep knitting to your heart’s delight – or someone else’s,

Dr. Ina

Ina Gilmore M.D. (ret.)
“The Knitting Dr.”

Ambassador of Elder Care,
Founder, and

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