The latest video in my How To Knit Videos is on using single crochet with knitted squares.

And there’s an interesting story behind it.  You see, I made an afghan from a kit a few years ago.

It is made of individual squares that are joined together into the whole afghan.  I knit it while caregiving.  The squares are a great way of knitting a large project without hauling the whole thing around.

I think it’s now my favorite way to knit an afghan or blanket.  Although I can see making strips another option.

Yes, I customized the knitting instructions.

The original knitting instructions called for sewing the squares together.  The squares are different colors, and I thought it needed a unifying color scheme.  So the yarn joining the squares together would be less noticeable.  Originally, I knit garter stitch around each square and sewed them together.  The acrylic yarn ended up being scratchy, making the whole afghan feel itchy.

When I decided to change the edging, I also decided to crochet around the edges.  It’s much faster, and easier on the hands and wrists when working with the large piece.  I used a single crochet edging around each square, joining the squares with a crocheted slip stitch.  Now I’m crocheting a row of single crochet around the edges.

Afghan Blocks Joined Toegther for How To Knit Videos: How Do I Change the Knitting Instructions To an Easy Edging For Afghan Squares?

I love the effect.  The yarn I’m using is Caron One Pound in Nutmeg.  The entire afghan kit is acrylic, which is why I’m using acrylic yarn. 

This afghan took longer than I expected to knit originally.  It’s a big project! The stockinette squares are embroidered with duplicate stitch to create the flowers.  I think an afghan in just blocks of color would be lovely too. 

Single crochet makes a nice edging.  And it’s simple for even a beginning crocheter.

How To Knit Videos: How Do I Change the Knitting Instructions To an Easy Edging For Afghan Squares?

As I was joining the blocks, I noticed some blocks had more stitches than others.  In the future, I might count my crochet stitches to get them more equal.  Then again, I might not!  Easing the seams together while crocheting was painless.

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Initial view of video called How To Knit Videos: Single Crichet Edging for Knitting

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