Already there have been a few changes as this blog grows.

With this post, I’m announcing a new affiliation.  You may have noticed the Alpaca Direct button in the sidebar.

I’m now one of their affiliates! If you click through my button, I get paid a commission on your purchase.  Yes, it’s a form of advertising.  And it helps support this blog. So, thank you if you choose to click through my link.

This week I placed my second order with them, and I plan to post about it next week. My first order was last summer. I was pleased with the price, free shipping offer, and the speed of the delivery. I’d expected a delay since they’re on the West Coast (California), and I’m on the East Coast.

Nope. I’m delighted to report my order was shipped promptly, and arrived in only a few days. 8)

And, yes, I plan to elaborate in a future post.

I’m also starting a list of blogs I read. You’ll find the list in the side bar. It may change from time to time as I update it. Some may be related to knitting, and some not.

Double nickel farm is one I enjoy. I live in rural South Carolina. Although my acreage is small, my goal is to become more self-sufficient. And Jennifer is giving me inspiration.

If you or anyone you know needs a free Bible, Double Nickel Farm is giving them away. The information is here.  In these times, I can’t think of a nicer gift … or a more timely offer.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy knitting!



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