Yes, I’m serious.

Sure knitting with incomplete knitting instructions can be frustrating.  You know what?  They can also be a blessing.

Okay, maybe one in disguise or just hiding very well.

When I first started knitting lace I didn’t realize how challenging it can be.  Sometimes fearless knitting is the only way to start — and finish — a project.

I knit a purse that I thought would be easy.  I decided to use a yarn I hadn’t used before.  It’s actually no longer available, which is no surprise.  To say it was challenging may be one of those historical understatements.  And when you’re frustrated or busy like in caregiving, this is definitely not a combination — difficult pattern and yarn — to try.

The yarn is part rayon, and very slippery.  Add to that a fairly complicated lace pattern, and I ended up knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping the border until I was ready to give up.

I didn’t.  And was able to realize the direction while not incorrect were simply not clear.  In the process I learned how not to write directions! 😉

Lace Purse: Thanks For Incomplete Knitting Instructions?

What finally got me to complete the lace pattern was finding it in a knitting book.  It can be very helpful to see more than one version of the same knitting instructions.  While it did not solve all the problems with the slippery yarn, it did reduce my frustration.  

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Keep knitting to your heart’s desire – or someone else’s!

To your healthy and happy knitting & caregiving,

Dr. Ina
Ina Gilmore, M.D. (Retired)
“The Knitting Dr.”

Founder, and
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