Recently Kara asked where she can find free Nordic knitting techniques?

I’ve found Nordic knitting techniques in books and patterns. 

Free knitting techniques can be a challenge.  Nordic knitting is usually for intermediate and advanced knitters.  And finding free knitting patterns for a smaller audience can be challenging.  When you know where to look, it’s easier though…

 Norwegian mitten back

Where Can I Access Free Nordic Knitting Patterns and Techniques? Norwegian mitten palm

Here are several places you can look…

  • Sometimes you can find the techniques explained in knitting patterns.
  • Another free source may be a library book on Nordic knitting.
  • The largest selection of free online Nordic knitting patterns I’ve found is on Ravelry, a membership site for knitters, crocheter, weavers, designers, spinners and dyers.  Ravelry has 89 free Nordic knitting patterns listed. A Ravelry membership is free.
  • Nordic knitting is a large topic.  You could try searching by region or country, or by the type of project you want to knit.  Examples include Faroese shawls or Icelandic sweaters.
  • Nordic knitting techniques are described in some books.  One of my favorite books is “Folk Mittens.”  It has nice descriptions of the different techniques with patterns for knitting around the world.  I used it to make my Norwegian Mitten pictured in this post.  You may find a copy at your library or perhaps you can borrow one from a knitter you know.

My Snowflake Christmas Knitting Balls Pattern is a Nordic-inspired pattern.  They make nice Christmas gifts, and are small projects you can take with you.   Click here to download it now. 

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