Do you know what a knitting emergency is?

To me, it’s when I need to knit something fast.  You know, drop other projects, and knit! Preferably to finish the project the same day, or at most the next day.

We get lots of wind in this area.  This weekend it turned blustery and cold, with lows in the high 20s.  I go out every morning for chores.  Yesterday the cold wind whipped through my acrylic watch caps.  I hate cold ears! 🙁

I needed a warm cap fast.

Time to put other projects on hold, grab some yarn and my trusty Denise needles.  I like them because more than circular needles, they’re interchangeable.  They can be straight needles, jumper needles, or circular.  They even work nicely as stitch holders when necessary!

I used small skeins of hand spun wool on size 13 needles to make a quick watch cap.

The result is …


Usually I use smaller needles, and more stitches.  Using circular needles, I custom fit it.  As I knit, I made adjustments as needed.  And the circular knitting means no seams to sew!

My new hat did fine this morning, even in the cold wind!

When I ran out of green yarn, I finished it with copper.  It’s not fancy, but very functional.  And I’ve never been a fashion plate — or afraid of the fashion police! 😉

Sock update

I’m still working on the second sock.

I’ve started the gusset:


Order update

My order from Alpaca Direct arrived yesterday.  Delivery from California in only 4 shipping days via the US Postal Service.

Here’s some of the teal roving made into a double:




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