Today is the first day of the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.  Today’s topic is Colour Lovers. 

And this post has my answers to some questions about colors knitters often get asked.

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How do you choose colors for your knitting projects?

Mostly I love choosing a color that the recipient will want to wear.  Whether it’s for me or for a gift.  So when possible for a gift, I try to get yarn in colors she or he will love. 

When I look at the colors in my stash, they are colors that comfort me.

There’s some bright red and green for Christmas, bright colors of cotton worsted for dishcloths, some white and turquoise, and lots of browns, oranges and yellows.

And some lavender and purple for variety.

Do you love a rainbow of bright hues or more subtle tones?

The short answer is yes.

The shades don’t matter as much as the color itself.

Although after knitting two fingerless gloves with black alpaca yarn, I tend to avoid black.  It’s hard to see and can make even an easy knitting project challenging.

Or difficult!

Although I did recently knit a pair of socks with black stripes in them, and do have a lot of yarn left over.  Possibly enough for another pair.

I’ll need to be in the right mood to tackle that yarn again, and right now I have another project on my sock needles (Phew!).

Colorful hand spun yarn from knitting stash

Colorful hand spun yarn from my knitting stash


Do you pay attention to the colors on a pattern when choosing it?

I’m more interested in the pattern itself than the colors the designer used to knit it.  And I’m often substituting a different yarn anyway.

Leave a comment on this post on The Knitting Yarn and get a free instant download of my Easy Customizable Knitting Bag. An easy way to experiment with your own color choices!

It makes a nice bag for carrying your knitting, or something else. It’s a nice size for carrying small projects when you know you’ll be waiting, and may need to stash them in a hurry in your bag.  The original color is from Kool-Aid dyed hand spun yarn.

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