Today is Day three of the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week from Eskimimi Makes

And today’s challenge is to blog about someone who is your knitting or crochet hero.

My knitting and crochet hero is the most amazing crafter I’ve ever met.

She taught herself to crochet, spin, weave, knit, tat, dye yarn and more.  She even builds her own frames for weaving, and her own hand spindles for spinning.

Most of her projects are made without a pattern.  Although she does test my knitting patterns.

Never one to waste time, she will spin or crochet when walking next door.

She constantly amazes and inspires me to improve and try something new.

Here is some of her amazing work –

Crocheted recuycled bag, rugs, shawl and muff crocheted by my crocheting hero.

Miscellaneous prjects crocheted by my crochet hero

Hand spun yarn and woven throw made by my crochet hero

She’s my sister, and I’m honored to count her as my teacher and friend.  She likes to be anonymous, and is amazing.

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