Today’s challenge for the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week or 3KCBWDAY6 is all about challenging yourself to develop your knitting or crochet skill set.

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It’s normal to learn new skills and to also sometimes reach a plateau.

Have you reached a plateau in your knitting?

Or are you continually challenging yourself?

I like to do new things.  When I sat down to look for inspiration about my next challenge for this post, I realized just some of the different techniques I’ve knit.

There’s the Intarsia Sweater I knit for one of my nephews who is a train fan –

Picture of Intarsia Knitted Sweater

And there are the Norwegian mittens I knit a while ago.  I had never knit Norwegian mittens before.

Picture of knitted Norwegian mittens

When I started them I was distracted with the busy-ness of caregiving. 

Do you see the error?

Yes, I used two different sets of needles!  My double pointed needles are not labeled, and I thought I had it right.

Only after knitting the second mitten did I realize it was a different size than the first.

Sure, I could re-knit one.  And the perfectionist in me initially wanted to.   

Know why I keep them as is?

Because they are a way for me to show my knitting students what happens when your gauge doesn’t match the pattern.  And they are a clear illustration, not just an abstract concept.

And more than that, they remind me that it’s okay not to have perfect knitting!  😉

This scarf has inspired me to work more with dropped stitches.

 Picture of scarf knit with dropped stitches

Creating lace knitting with dropped stitches is something I want to learn more about.  One of my knitting books has several versions I want to try.

Through writing this post I learned –

  • Looking again at the mittens, which were knit when I was super busy and stressed with the challenge of developing a new skill set, I realized I want to make patterns easier and quicker for busy stressed knitters.
  • I’m working on a sock template, and think I’ve found an easy way to make multiple variations of the same basic pattern.
  • More than that, I love to teach.  Currently I’m a teacher at my local Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts store and recently was accepted by the Knitting Guild of America as a designer and knitter.

So, my goals are to work on developing patterns that are-

  • Easy…
  • Can be dropped at moment’s notice and picked up later…
  • Are portable, so can be taken with you on a commute or to a waiting room or even at a  bedside.

And in celebration, when you leave a comment on this post you get an instant download of my popcorn knitted purse.  Now I did revise the purse after writing the pattern. 

The new version has a shorter wider strap, which is single crocheted.

 Picture of purse knit in popcorn stitch

To get your free pattern, leave a comment on this post on The Knitting Yarn.  If you are reading this post on a blog other than The Knitting Yarn, click here now to get your free download.

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You’ll also get updates about new patterns, etc.

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To your healthy and happy knitting & caregiving,

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