Abbreviations can be useful, but also confusing.

It took me awhile to figure out what LYS stood for.  Maybe it’s because I do most of my yarn shopping online.  Living in a rural area means there is no Local Yarn Shop.  Unless one considers 60-plus miles one way “local.”

I don’t.

So, my LYS (?LYSs) are online.  I’ve shopped online at Joann, Alpaca Direct, and The Sheep Shed Studio.  I like Joann’s selection of Caron One Pound yarn.  Especially when it’s on sale! 😉 It’s a nice acrylic yarn: soft not scratchy.  I’ve used it for making afghans, mittens, scarves, and hats.  The last I bought was still Made in the USA according to the label.  I also buy my Lily Sugar and Cream from Joann. I’ve learned to order ahead, since it’s sometimes taken almost a week for my order to be shipped.

I’ve already written a bit about the yarn and roving I bought last week from Alpaca Direct.  Shipping is very fast.  I ordered last Wednesday evening, and my package arrived Monday via USPS.  Pretty amazing from California to South Carolina!

My first purchase was my Denise needles.  They were the best price I could find, plus free shipping over $50.  To get the free shipping, I bought a 30 inch cord for the set.  And have used it several times since.  I really like my Denise needles.  And like supporting a cottage industry here in the USA.  Yes, Denise needles are made in the USA.  Virginia, if I recall correctly.

The Sheep Shed Studio carries roving and yarns from Brown Sheep Company in Nebraska.  And The Sheep Shed Studio is located in Wyoming.  Some of their yarns are seconds, and they have mill ends.  Their prices are great.  They ship quickly, and I like their personalized service.  It’s also nice to not have a big investment in yarn when you’re experimenting with a pattern or learning.  And just thinking of mill ends makes me recall fond memories of traveling to a woolen mill store in Pennsylvania as a kid.

So those are my reviews of my favorites.  What are yours?



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