Notice how knitting yarn seems to accumulate?

Recently I decided to reorganize my knitting yarn stash.  It was in several baskets here and there.  And in bags and…

Well you get the idea.

It’s amazing how fast knitting yarn can grow.  A skein bought on sale for a future project is forgotten, and joined by several others.  There’s the yarn for Christmas gifts never started a couple of years ago added to the sock yarn that’s awaiting inspiration.

I started organizing my stash a couple of weeks ago.  When the stash starts taking over more than one room, it’s definitely past time to organize it!

In organizing, I came across a yarn I had forgotten all about.  Cascade 200 in Christmas colors.  Originally planned for a Christmas stocking that did not get made, it sits patiently awaiting my inspiration.

They are from a favorite yarn store, which is not only a yarn store.  It’s an online store mostly selling outdoor clothing.  Yarn and yarn accessories are one of their departments.

The service is fast, and they sell beautiful yarns.  Orders are shipped to me from the other coast, usually arriving in a few days.  Faster than some orders shipped from a neighboring state! 

I found them when looking for Denise knitting needles.  Surprisingly they had the best price, and adding yarn to get their free shipping special was fun. That yarn knitted up as my first striped pair of socks. 

One complete sock and a partially knit sock with the knitting yarn for the sock

In the picture you can see one complete sock and the second is partially knit with yarn next to it. 

The yarn is Austermann Step Yarn made with jojoba and aloe vera extracts.  The socks wear well, and are very soothing to dry feet.  Also dry hands while knitting them!  The luxury knitting yarn was a thrifty purchase since the socks are lasting so long and remain comfortable.

Click here right now for their Luxury Yarn from Plymouth, Cascade, Catalina, and much more!

To your healthy and happy knitting & caregiving,

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