Caregiver stress can quickly become overwhelming. 

It can sneak up on you, taking more and more of your time, energy and resources.  Or it can quickly escalate with a crisis or sudden deterioration of the one you are giving care to.  Both quilting and knitting can help you deal with caregiver stress.

When my mother could no longer quilt, she enjoyed watching me piece and quilt projects.  And when she needed a hospital bed, the quilt as you go squares from an unfinished quilt made covers for the bedrails.  They added padding to the hard metal rails.  And the sunny yellow and bright blues added cheerfulness to her room.

How Can a Quilt Help Me Deal With Caregiver Stress?

What Are 3 Ways a Quilt Can Help Me Deal With Caregiver Stress?

1. Caregiver respite.  Knitting and quilting both can give the caregiver a respite from caregiving.  And help you deal with caregiver stress.  By focusing on your project, the rhythm of the knitting needles or the sewing can trigger the Relaxation Response.

Is the Relaxation Response Real?  Yes, it is a real response.  And it does just what it says; relaxes your body.  And relaxation is one of the ways to combat stress.

2. Entertain both the caregiver and care receiver.  When you quilt at the bedside—and many quilting projects can be adapted to work at the bedside—you may even entertain the one you are giving care to.  Or if she was a quilter, you might just get some supervision and advice.  And you may get her interested in your project, even briefly.

3. Create a lasting project.  The project you make does not have to be a full-size quilt.  It could be a wall hanging, a pillow, a pillow sham or something else.  It can serve as a reminder of the care you gave long after the care ends, giving you comfort.

Are you dealing with caregiver stress?

Often caregivers feel like they are navigating uncharted territory.  Because they are!  At least it’s uncharted for them.

Now there’s a road map to help you navigate and more than survive—to thrive—in caregiving!  Click here right now to download your roadmap.

And start dealing with your caregiver stress today!

To your healthy and happy knitting & caregiving,

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