Many people don’t think of knitting and caregiving going together.

Well, they do in more ways than one.

One of the most obvious is that knitting is a way to pass the time.  Many knitting projects are portable, and are handy to take along for an uncertain wait.  Like when a caregiver waits at a doctor’s office or for medical testing or treatments.  The right project can also be dropped when the caregiver needs to give care, and picked up later.

Knitting is also a stress-reliever.  And it can be a solution or at least a partial solution to caregiver stress.

I learned to knit about the same time my family was first involved in elder care for one of my grandmothers.  More recently my blogs “The Knitting Yarn” and “Caregiving With Purpose” have also led to posts about knitting and caregiving.  Amazing to me is how often they both end up in the same post, and how many posts fit in both blogs.

Then last month I received a really big surprise.   “Caregiving With Purpose” was named as one of the 25 Best Alzheimer’s Blogs of 2012 by Healthline describes its mission as a way to “improve health through information.”

Alzheimer’s disease affects one in 8 seniors 65 years and older.  It’s very likely that every knitter knows at least one person who is or will be affected directly by Alzheimer’s.  Add in the 15 million unpaid caregivers and you can see how enormous Alzheimer’s is!

With the largest generation “Baby Boomers” now beginning to reach age 65, Alzheimer’s is predicted to explode over the next decades.  Very likely overwhelming the already stressed health care system.

The good news is that there are now more researchers tackling multiple fronts of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Here’s the press release regarding “Caregiving With Purpose” and the award —

Caregiving With Purpose Named in 25 Best Alzheimers Blogs of 2012 has named “Caregiving With Purpose” one of its 25 Best Alzheimers Blogs of 2012. “Caregiving With Purpose” is a blog for caregivers written by Ina Gilmore, M.D., “The Knitting Dr.”, who has been both a professional and family caregiver.

Caregiving With Purpose Named in 25 Best Alzheimers Blogs of 2012

Marion, SC (PRWEB) August 31, 2012 named as one of its 25 Best Alzheimer’s Blogs of 2012. reports these 25 Best Alzheimers Blogs are “blogs from people who are truly ‘in the trenches.’ These writers know where you are and what you want to find when visiting their sites…“ And written by Ina Gilmore, M.D. certainly qualifies.

As both a professional and family caregiver, Dr. Gilmore knows the joys and heartaches of caregiving for someone with a chronic disease like Alzheimer’s. In Caregiving With Purpose she shares her experiences and insights to help caregivers succeed.

Dr. Gilmore knows caregiving may be the best thing caregivers ever do. It may also be the hardest. And often it’s both at the same time.

Caregiving can be demanding. And Dr. Gilmore knows how and why caregivers run the risk of getting ill themselves. She says, “Too often caregivers are so focused on giving care to a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease or another chronic illness that they often ignore their own needs.”

In Caregiving With Purpose, Dr. Gilmore gently takes caregivers—and those who care about them—through information about Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases. She addresses the silent needs of the caregiver while showing them how they can more than survive—they can thrive—in caregiving.

Topics in Caregiving With Purpose include Alzheimers, reducing caregiver stress, healthy eating, senior living, crafts for both caregivers and care receivers, hospice and grief.

About Ina Gilmore, M.D.

Ina Gilmore, M.D. is a former physician who now writes two blogs, and She knows caregiving both as a professional and as a family caregiver. She understands the isolation and pains of caring for someone with a chronic illness.
She is known online as “The Knitting Dr.” and knows how knitting and other crafts can help relieve stress, including caregiver stress.

Dr. Gilmore is available for interviews and speaking on topics including caregiving, knitting and quilting.

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Caregiving With Purpose Named in 25 Best Alzheimers Blogs of 2012

And I’m thrilled to report that the press release has been picked up by some pretty impressive sites, including —

Did you know that caregivers are often also knitters?

Maybe not now, but knitters often are… have been… or will be caregivers.

Knitting and other crafts are one way of reducing caregiver stress.  And with diseases like Alzheimer’s caregiving is a tough job.  Okay, it’s more than that —

Caregiving for someone with dementia can be devastating.  Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive dementia, getting worse with time. It affects the brain, not only leading to loss of skills, but often a change in personality.  And there’s a loss of how information is processed, so the person with Alzheimer’s may react unexpectedly to new and even routine situations.

The family caring for someone with Alzheimer’s often is overwhelmed.  What’s needed is a simple way for caregivers to make sense of caregiving.  Now there’s a road map for navigating caregiving, presented in small simple steps.

Download now your copy of “A HEART PLAN Audio Package” for yourself or someone you love.  And find out how to more than survive — to thrive — in caregiving.

To your healthy and happy knitting & caregiving,

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