What do you do with a project you made several years ago, and don’t wear — even though you really like the yarn?

That was my dilemma with a poncho I made several years ago.  I knit the “Coming Home” Poncho from Lion Brand Yarn, in the “Harvest” color. While I liked the feel of the yarn, I found the poncho impractical. Where I live, we have strong winds.  If I need a coat or jacket, the poncho’s too thin.  The wind blows right through it.  Indoors, it was in my way as I worked.  So it sat, unused, on a shelf in my closet.

In this economy, I didn’t like it just gathering dust on a shelf.

What to do?

Recycle the yarn! 🙂

Take the poncho apart, and reuse the yarn.

The poncho is actually several sections sewn together, which made taking it apart a bit challenging.

One poncho section

One poncho section

And I decided to try another Danish shawl with this yarn which makes its own stripes.  Not a traditional yarn, I know.  I plan to knit a shawl I can  wear inside the house as I work.  Sometimes my shoulders get chilly as I work, or more often when I sit knitting or writing.

The Danish shawl pattern intrigues me, with the ability to tie it and wear it almost like a sweater.

Recycling yarn balls

Recycling yarn balls

After some frogging, and winding yarn into balls, I’m ready to start the shawl.  This time, I’m double-checking the pattern as I go. 😳

Mostly because I want to have the “tails” long enough to wrap and tie around my waist.  Or at least that’s the current plan.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Spin-Off Magazine published the original Danish shawl pattern. Click here to buy now.

The link to Spin-Off Magazine in this article is an affiliate link. Spin-Off Magazine did not provide me with the pattern or issue.



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