Does your knitting change with the seasons?  And are you finding yourself knitting the same knitting patterns over and over?

Maybe it’s time for a change, even a small one.

My knitting varies with the seasons.  I like to try — and often adapt — new knitting patterns whenever I can.

In the hottest weather I set aside my wool projects.  Knitting even wool blends in air conditioning just doesn’t appeal to me in the hottest weather.  Which this year ran from May until September.

This past week we’ve had a drop in the daily temperatures of 20 degrees.  I expect them to rise again over the next week or two, to more seasonal averages.

So my summer knitting has not included wool.  The socks I started in May sat waiting until this past week when I picked them up again.  My major project this summer was a sweater.  Knit with acrylic yarn.

This sweater is based on the Sundance Sweater by Irina Poludnenko published in Creative Knitting Magazine in 2011.

  Knitting Patterns: How Often Do You Try Something New?

I’ve never knit a sweater horizontally, and wanted to see how it knit up and hangs.  It works well.

As usual, I did make some modifications to the pattern.

  • The original pattern called for wool yarn…
  • The semicircular motifs are now pockets…
  • Instead of a zipper there’s an edging on the fronts…
  • The collar is now a neckline edging and…
  • The edging on the collar and center fronts are the same knitting patterns.

What are some reasons to try a new knitting pattern or technique?

  • You couldn’t resist the new ribbon yarn and it needs knit differently than regular yarn.
  • You want to stretch your knitting skills.
  • You are intrigued by a knitting pattern or technique.

Trying something new in knitting patterns can mean some re-knitting as you learn the technique and modify it as needed.  And that’s okay.  It can be part of the knitting adventure.

And it makes your knitting interesting!

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