As I write this, Christmas seems a long way off.  It’s over two months until Christmas, yet I have an urge to begin my Christmas knitting.

Some years I have been too busy to knit, and some just haven’t felt like Christmas much.  Last year I learned that sometimes even when you don’t feel like Christmas, is when you need it most.  Just like the song from Mame, “We Need A Little Christmas Now.”

Last year I started knitting Christmas ornaments in December.  They actually helped me get ready for Christmas.

Wondering how?  By knitting an ornament in the evening, it was a great way to relax.  And I found myself thinking about how it would look on my tree.

This year, I’ve decided to start a little earlier and see if it helps put me in the right frame of mind.  And yes with the news lately, knitting is one of my favorite stress-relievers.

Do you need to knit yourself a little Christmas early?

Sometimes you just need to knit something for Christmas.  Even if the weather seems more like fall…or maybe summer.

Why Should I Make a Christmas Knitting Ornament Now?

Why begin knitting Christmas ornaments early?

  • They are small projects and can usually be finished quickly.  Making a bunch of Christmas ornaments can get you in the mood to do some serious Christmas knitting.
  • They can help use up odds and ends of a skein of yarn.  Like when the pair of socks you knit left a small ball of yarn, not enough to knit a big project and too large to just throw away.  And in this economy, you may be feeling more frugal than usual.
  • They’re a great gift that can become a treasured heirloom.  Even simple ornaments can bring love and cheer to your tree or someone you love.  And your Christmas knitting can bring cheer to a window or hang from furniture if there’s no tree.

My snowflake Christmas knitting ornament pattern is a great place to start if you like knitting in the round.  I like making them with leftover sock yarn, even if they are not in the traditional red and green Christmas colors.

You can read more about my Snowflake Christmas Ornaments here.


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