When I was a kid, my dad always said that the longest day of the year was December 24.  Coming just three days after the shortest day of December 21, it can seem like an error.

He was serious.  December 24 was the longest day of the year to kids, and  I suspect to our parents too.  And to a child it can seem like Christmas will never get here.

Adults on the other hand often find Christmas coming faster than expected.  And the plans you had for Christmas gifts or home decorations may have needed revision to smaller projects.  Maybe more than once. 😉

If it seems like Christmas is coming awfully fast to get your Christmas knitting finished, here are some ideas for last minute projects.

Christmas Ornaments: What Can I Knit As Quick and Easy Last Minute Christmas Knitting?

What are some quick and easy last minute Christmas knitting projects?

  • Ornaments.  You can make miniature mittens, hats, stockings and more.  They can decorate your tree, trim gifts and if flat even be tucked into a Christmas card.
  • A Scarf.  You can knit a scarf usually fairly quickly.  It can be a narrow scarf if necessary.  Garter stitch is one of the fastest stitches for most knitters, and a scarf with a slipped stitch garter edge looks great.
  • A dishcloth or set is quick and usually easy.  Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth is one of the most popular.  And this pattern is for a dishcloth and towel.
    Okay, so it’s not the most glamorous Christmas gift.  In colorful yarn it can brighten the wintery kitchen of a cook.  And you can always include a note with a promise for something else in the new year. 😉

Looking for more patterns for last minute Christmas knitting?  The Knitting Clinic Membership includes 4 patterns for Christmas ornaments, including the 3 ornaments shown in the picture on this post.  Click here to join and get instant download access.

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