Well, I finished my Homespun® Danish tie-shawl.

Shawl Floor 03_13_09

Or at least I thought I did.

Since I took that picture earlier today, I decided to rework the shawl.  Not all of it.  I ripped out the crocheted edging including the ties.  After ripping out the bind-off row, I’ve knit two additional rows.

Because the shawl wasn’t large enough.  After I had it on and tied, I realized where it sits on my shoulders means the lower edge doesn’t come as low as I’d like.  In other words, it falls too high above my elbow.  It needs a couple of more inches to fit right.

And to keep me warm on days like today.  After unusually warm weather the first part of the week, we have cooler temperatures today.  So, I’m glad I wore the shawl a couple of hours before deciding it needed tweaking.

Last count, I have 279 stitches per row.  And two cords put together on my Denise Knitting Needles hold the stitches quite nicely, since one is a 30 inch cord.

So, it’s back to knitting for me.

The original Danish shawl pattern appeared in Spin-Off magazine. Click here to buy now!

The link to Spin-Off Magazine and Alpaca Direct in this article are affiliate links. Neither provided me with samples or products.



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