What's Missing in the Sashay Yarn Scarf Pattern?

What’s Missing in the Sashay Yarn Scarf Pattern?

This month I finished knitting a scarf.

It’s one of those ruffled scarves, with a novelty yarn called Sashay Yarn.

The scarf pattern was easy, although the instructions were missing important parts.  The yarn is called a ribbon by some, although I’d describe it more as a mesh.

The yarn sat in my work basket for a while.  It took some concentration and knitting several times to get the technique right.

Sometimes a project just needs to wait.  When I saw several knit at a local yarn store, that was incentive to try again.  After all the pattern was all garter stitch.  How hard could that be?

Anyway, as you can see I did figure it out.

What's Missing in the Sashay Yarn Scarf Pattern?

Figured it out and even made a video for the Knitting Clinic members!

It is a fun scarf, and a fairly quick knit once you learn the technique.  Personally, I would add more instructions on how to get the ruffle to look the way you want, or the way the picture does.  As written, the instructions on the Sashay yarn label don’t explain you need to skip “holes” in order to get the ruffled effect.  

The scarf is acrylic, and soft.  It would be a nice gift even for someone who is indoors like an invalid.  The bright colors and feminine ruffles might just help her feel better faster! ;)

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What’s Missing in the Sashay Yarn Scarf Pattern?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Missing in the Sashay Yarn Scarf Pattern?

  1. At joanne’s fabric i saw a scarf that was made from sastay yarn (the ruffle type) but it was’nt knitted, It was done with what looked like large looped knots. They didn’t have a pattern but thought I might find one on the web. Do you know where I might get thispattern?

  2. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for the question! I’ve seen patterns for both crocheting or knitting the scarf. They don’t look like classic knitting or crochet because of the yarn. It’s more of a mesh and does knit or crochet in what looks like loops.
    The pattern I used was on the label of the yarn. You can also find patterns online by searching in your favorite search engine, like Google or Bing or Yahoo. Just put the term Sashay scarf pattern in the search bar. Some yarn stores online and off also have free patterns, or patterns free when you purchase the right amount of yarn.

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