How do you knit a heart dishcloth?

Recently I knit one for the Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts knitting classes.  And it’s a nice dishcloth.  It is a good one to learn about twisted stitches, which are basically simple cable stitches.  And it has texture with seed or moss stitch on the heart.

It got me to thinking though about knitting a simpler one that is smaller.  The dishcloth for Jo-Ann’s is about 10 inches square, and that’s a little large for me.

One of my favorite easy knitted dishcloth patterns is for Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth.  This pattern is garter stitch, and my version has a slipped stitch garter edge.

In searching for easy knitted heart dishcloth patterns, I found some versions.  Unfortunately, one had a lot of typos.  None had the edge I wanted, and I thought I could improve the patterns.

Well, six dishcloths later, I’m finally happy with my version!  Phew. 🙂

Heart Easy Knitting Dishcloth Patterns

You can knit a heart dishcloth several ways.

  • One of the most common is to knit a square and knit a heart motif.  That’s what the Jo-Ann’s pattern does.  And there are lots of ways to knit a heart motif.
  • You can knit a heart, either in garter or another stitch.  Grandma’s Heart Dishcloth Pattern does this.
  • Another kind of easy knitted dishcloth patterns is a heart with two colors of yarn, using the color illusion technique.  The heart is visible at a certain angle but not always. 

Besides Valentine crafts, when else can you knit a heart dishcloth?

  • Knit washcloths for a baby or wedding shower in cotton.
  • When you want to make a special dishcloth.
  • Anytime! 🙂

My favorite remains Grandma’s Knitted Heart Dishcloth.  The garter stitch is nice for scrubbing.

The easy part of the pattern is knitting it.  I wrote it up, and it is included in the Knitting Clinic membership.  Click here to join now.

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