Sometimes it’s fun to combine crafts. 

And St Patrick Day crafts are an opporunity to conmbine them for a holiday.  One easy way to is to make a bouquet of shamrocks.  They can easily be made by knitting or crocheting the shamrocks and putting them in a woven paper basket.

St Patricks Day Crafts: How Do You Combine Knitting and Paper Crafts?

It’s a fun project to do with kids or someone who isn’t as crafty as you, they can often help or make the woven baskets.  You could also use paper shamrocks, or even mix paper and knit or crocheted shamrocks.

Shamrocks can easily be made by making hearts for the leaves.  Either three or four work.  Then you need a stem, and you have a shamrock!  They can also be felted.  Add a clasp pin to turn it into a pin.

Easy and fun!

Click on the link for seven FREE St. Patricks Day Crafts, including a knitted and crocheted shamrock.

And here’s a tutorial for making woven paper baskets like the one in the picture?  The pattern is from Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments.

To you more than surviving thriving in caregiving and knitting,

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