A few years ago I started knitting socks with knitting instructions.

I knit my first pair for my mother, who had trouble keeping her feet warm.  It was a challenge to find socks that fit her. The legs usually were too tight, even though her legs were slender.

So, I started with a simple pattern, following its instructions.  They were top down socks, and I carefully tried them on her as I knit to be sure they would fit.  They did.  I made her three pair, including a lace pair.

The ones that fit best were the ribbed legs, and 1×1 ribbing remains my favorite today.

When I knit other patterns, they just don’t fit as well.  And I often end up starting the socks over. 

My favorite pattern is a combination of several pattern techniques, and one I’ve memorized.  It’s nice to have a project that I can knit a while, then stop and come back to it later without having to check the knitting instructions.

My latest pair of socks are with this pattern, and I’m ready to knit the toe of the first sock…

Knitting Instructions: When Is It Okay To Use the Same Sock Pattern?

There’s something satisfying about nearly finishing a sock.

And when is it okay to use the same sock pattern?

  • When you’re busy or stressed…
  • When you find a pattern you LOVE…
  • Anytime you want! 🙂

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Knitting Instructions: When Is It Okay To Use the Same Sock Pattern?



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