Knitting Podcasts: What Knitting Sock Patterns Work Best For Caregivers?

Caregivers are often stressed and have many interruptions, often unexpectedly.

While giving care, they often don’t know how much time they’ll have to work on a project before being called back.  It can be frustrating to need to drop a knitting project in the middle of a row. Especially when coming back to it and forgetting where you are in the pattern!

I know this from experience, and designed my “Carer Sock” pattern especially for caregivers.  And I’m delighted to announce it has been accepted for the 2014 Knitting Day-By-Day Calendar. I’m not sure “calendar” is the right term because this is not a typical calendar.

The 2013 edition is a collection of knitting patterns on paper like index cards, although it is not card stock. The patterns are spaced out over the year, and there are about 100 of them.

When I first started knitting socks while caregiving, I looked at a variety of patterns.  Most were complex, and all used sock weight yarn.  Both of which are fine. I finally settled on a simple pattern for the first pair.  It still took a while because I had little practice with knitting sock weight yarn on size 1 needles.  Which have the same diameter as most toothpicks!

Knitting Podcasts: What Knitting Sock Patterns Work Best For Caregivers?

The “Carer Sock Pattern” is for caregivers.  It has my criteria for a knitting pattern for caregivers –

  • The project is small or can be made in small pieces so it’s portable.
  • The pattern uses only a few stitches and a few repeats, so it is easy enough to drop and pick up in a hurry when needed.
  • The suggested materials include an easy care yarn with a minimal of fussing like blocking. Although other yarn can be substituted.

Standard knitted socks can easily be 20,000 to 30,000 stitches, more for knee highs. These socks are much fewer, and can be made on double pointed needles, two circulars or one with a magic loop.  Your choice.

Cold feet is a common problem caregivers deal with. “Carer Sock” is the pattern I wish I’d had when caring for my mother, wanting to make her soft comfortable socks quickly.

Knit of Lion Brand’s Tweed Stripes, this bulky acrylic yarn knits up quickly compared to sock yarn.  The cabled rib gently cradles your legs and feet.  The soft acrylic yarn is not scratchy or itchy.

These socks are thicker than sock weight yarn socks, so may not fit in all shoes.  They make great bed socks, adding an extra layer of warmth for those chilly nights of early fall.

The cabled ribbing shows up best with lighter shades, like Caramel or Lakeside.

The heel is an auto heel from one of my mother’s needlework books, published in the 1940s.  It is a mitered heel that’s easy for beginning sock knitters, and fits gently.

Carers are what caregivers are called in many parts of the world.  These socks are designed to be a quick and easy knit for a caregiver or other busy person.  And they cradle and warm cold feet – of either the one receiving or giving care.

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