Knitting podcasts intrigue me.

The Knitting Yarn posts have been both audio and video podcasts for a couple of years now. And what other folks do with knitting podcasts is inspiring and interesting.

Recently, I read the following post with recommendation for knitting podcasts, and thought you’d like to see the recommendations too.

Knitting Podcasts: What's Your Favorite?

W.I.P.S and My Favorite Knitting Podcasts

I have a few w.i.p.s going at the moment, namely one I have been working on for some time now and which I seem to drag my feet on getting done. It is my first foray into the sweater world, well actually it is a jacket by Debbie Bliss from her “Design It, Knit It” book, the Garter Stitch Coat. I am near the finish line with the last armhole to be shaped, a collar to be knit and the sleeves to be done and the whole thing made up. It is so easy to get bogged down with thoughts of “am I ever going to get this done!” But carry on I will and will show you the finished project providing it all goes together well. Wish me luck!

And as promised, my favorite knitting podcasts in alphabetical order that I listen to regularly and if you have any to suggest, please do! 
First up, a very witty podcast full of great knitting content and her adventures in the US and the UK, Cast-On by Brenda Dayne.
Second, the extremely funny and entertaining Electric Sheep telling the tales of the infamous sheep and the trouble he gets into, as well as book reviews, pattern talk, knitting and wips.
Third, a great knitting/crafty podcast called iMake by the lovely Martine from Guernsey Island in the English Channel with her lovely British accent who tells of her latest creative exploits.
Next up, YarnGasm, which is a video podcast that is cleverly done to show a lot of wips, yarn she is using and just general good yarny info. 
And lastly, but certainly not least is Ready-Set-Knit done by the Webs from This is always a very informative and inspiring listen to include interviews with lots of top people in the knitting world and an offering of their close-out yarns as well.
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How about you and knitting podcasts?

  • Do you like to hear interviews?
  • Tips and techniques?
  • Ideas for projects or yarn?
  • Or something else?

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Knitting Podcasts: What’s Your Favorite?




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