Discover solutions to get past that knitting slump that’ll make you shout Bingo


For those that grew up with knitting, the entire process can seem calming, even meditative. But for those just starting out, frustration might be the first thing that comes to mind while they work their needles.

Knitting Frustration

Above picture from Blackberry Beads

To fix this, here are some simple suggestions to keep things in perspective for the novice knitter.

Start a Project That’s Fun

Knitting doesn’t have to be work and it’s important that each project is done to be true to each person’s individual needs. The complexity of the project isn’t even an issue as long as the item being worked on is something they actually want.

Newbies can even make a bingo game out of it, especially if they’re in a group with others just starting out, thanks to all the different terms that pop up. The folks at have even started with several patterns that’s sure to take the sting out of a rough day with the needle. People don’t even need to have a dedicated caller to play, just listening to a discussion about the pros and cons of preferring the continental or English knitting style is bound to fill up a card fast enough.


 Pictured Above: Fox Knit Cap by user “theredfox” on

A great project to undertake for those who love playing bingo, or know someone who plays regularly, is this ingeniously designed knitted bingo bag from LMarie Designs. The design is extremely utilitarian yet stylish and provides bingo fans with enough pockets and space to hold all the essentials, including daubers, snacks, and other knickknacks. It’s a project that’s both smart and fun.

Foxy Bingo Mascot

Pictured above: Foxy, the rather appropriately named mascot for, and a surprisingly good candidate for future fox-themed knitwear designs.

Remember Why You’re Doing It

Newcomers to the craft are often faced with a feeling of disappointment, especially when it comes to their first few projects. It might not end up looking like the pattern, or problems might crop up that are discovered too late or are too difficult to fix. It’s very rare for the first few projects to come out perfect because, like almost anything in life, knitting is a skill that becomes developed over time.

It’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t let failures discourage you.

Sometimes it can be even something as simple as knowing that your favorite celebrity loves knitting. We learned from Access Hollywood that Ryan Gosling actually learned to knit on the set of “Lars and the Real Girl” and discovered that he ended up loving to knit.

When faced with hurdles, take this time to have a cup of coffee or tea, or catch up with some friends over online bingo. Even the most exciting project shouldn’t take you away from your social circle, after all.

And knitting should be FUN!

To your healthy and happy knitting & caregiving,

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