The first knitted dishcloth patterns I created were when caring for my mother Clara.

She liked cotton knit or crochet dishcloths, because they fit her hands better than woven ones. And the handmade ones also absorb water better.

A couple of years ago I made one for Valentine’s Day, and last year submitted it to the 2015 Day by Day Knitting Calendar.  It along with my mitten Christmas tree ornament pattern were accepted.

2015 Knitting Calendar and Patterns

My writing knitting patterns started when my life was out of balance.  While considered part time, my position was 24/7 when my partner was off.  Most of the time, I covered weekends and some nights. When he was on vacation, I was the sole partner.  And caring for Clara who was in her 80s with more than one medical condition meant there was little time for caring for myself.

Balance in life seemed unreachable.  Knitting and quilting were ways of bringing balance into my life and caregiving. I could knit and create patterns for things for Clara.  Like dishcloths since she preferred the handmade ones to woven store ones.

She loved handmade Christmas ornaments, so using leftover sock yarn to knit ornaments was fun.  Soon knit socks and even mittens graced the tree.

And slowly, balance edged back into my life.  Time for things that were important but not urgent or emergencies.  With knitting again, I relearned how to relax, and found other ways to feel as good.  Clara enjoyed using my projects, and supervising their creation.  As long as she was able, we made quilts together.  She preferred the quilting, so I pieced them for her.

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P.S. Click here to get your copy of the 2015 Knitting Calendar with over 100 patterns!

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