This week I picked up an unfinished pair of socks.  Actually, the first one.

This past spring I started making a pair of acrylic socks, mostly to see how they knit up and wore.  Then I got sidetracked with other projects and didn’t get back to knitting.

Knitting is a great stress reliever, and very soothing to the soul.  I hadn’t replaced my knitting with a similar activity, and this week realized how much I missed it.

So what is the pattern?

A Simple Sock

Well, it’s my own pattern. I love the way a 1×1 ribbing cradles my foot.  So I decided to knit the whole sock except the heel and maybe the toe in ribbing. And the pattern isn’t written down; it’s that easy.

Well, it is once you’ve knit a few socks and understand the basic structure.  You know sometimes it’s nice to just knit something very simple and basic. Not needing to follow a chart or complicated pattern instructions can be very restful.

I use 5 bamboo needles, although some knitters prefer two circular needles. Whatever works best for you. One of my first projects as a beginner was mittens on double pointed needles, and ever since I’ve always enjoyed knitting with them.

Back to the sock… The cast on is provision, because using a provisional cast on and then binding off loosely gives the edge more stretch than the cast on edge.  The heel is called an “automatic” heel, and it’s from a needlework book from the 1940s.  It only has 4 stitches on each side to pick up and decrease in the gusset. It fits better than other heels I’ve knit, and is nice for a narrow heeled foot.

The arch is a variation of the arch from Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen’s Arch-Shaped Stockings from Schoolhouse Press.

One of the reasons I like this pattern is the way I work the purl stitches. I purl with the yarn under the needle, or “scooping” the yarn. This makes the knit stitch on the wrong side more prominent and it’s almost like having all knit stitches on the inside. Very comfortable especially on the sole of the foot, and no ridges from purl stitches.

What have I been doing instead of knitting?

Mostly working on my other blog, Caregiving With Purpose.  We’ve had two telesummits this year, one for Alzheimer’s and other dementias and one for caregivers. The site is undergoing some major changes too.

And I’m delighted to celebrate that for the third year in a row, Caregiving With Purpose has been named the #3 Alzheimer’s and Dementia Blog by Healthline. This week Healthline’s editors nominated it in their Best Health Blog contest. The voting is done by Facebook and Twitter, and the blog with the most votes wins.

I’m asking you to please vote for Caregiving With Purpose. The top 3 blogs are publicized on Healthline for a year. And it’s an opportunity to raise awareness about caregiving and dementia – in less than 2 minutes and with no cost! You can vote on both Twitter and Facebook once a day between now and January 15, 2015. Every vote helps, and thank you for your support.

Click on the image to vote.

Caregiving With Purpose

To your happy & healthy knitting and caregiving,

Dr. Ina

Ina Gilmore MD

“The Knitting Dr.”

Founder of the Award Winning Caregiving With Purpose and Founder of The Knitting Yarn
Ambassador of Caregiving,
Purple Angel Ambassador for Dementia



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