When I think of a Christmas stocking, not surprisingly a stocking or sock comes to mind.

After all, that’s what’s traditional. The custom started with children using their own stockings. And they’ve become a part of many knitters’ Christmas knitting.

If you’re an experienced knitter, knitting a Christmas stocking is much like a sock. A bit larger of course, and you may use a heavier weight yarn with larger needles. If you’re not an experienced knitter, it can be frustrating. The heel requires short rows and picking up stitches for the instep. Then there are decreases, and usually socks or stockings are knit in the round.

Why not try a different project?

Mitten Christmas Stocking

Like a mitten! This mitten was knit in the round, more for an intermediate knitter.

It was fun to knit, and I made it in two evenings. Click here for the pattern on Ravelry. Now through December 31, 2015 if you buy 2 Christmas knitting patterns from my store you’ll get the third one free.

To your happy & healthy knitting and caregiving,

Dr. Ina

“The Knitting Dr.”

Ina Gilmore MD

Founder, www.TheKnittingYarn.com and www.CaregivingWithPurpose.com



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