I’ve completed my latest Danish shawl.

Danish Shawl Finished

The pattern is from Dorothea Fischer, and also was published in Spin-Off Magazine.

This time, I used Lion Brand Homespun Yarn in their Harvest shade.  The yarn is soft, and self-striping.  So, not as many ends to weave in! This is the second project I’ve made from this yarn.  The first, a poncho, was impractical where I live.  I saw it gathering dust.  Now I have yarn left over for at least one more project.  Yeah! 😀

The shawl is comfortable, and I suspect I’ll mostly wear it indoors.  I may wear it under a coat in the winter, but don’t see myself working outside in it.  The yarn is softer than singles wool.  I used larger needles, and basically ignored the knitting gauge.  I knew from my last shawl about how I wanted it to work up.  And the Homespun yarn is a heavier yarn than the suggested singles.

Even so, it was light to knit.  And, as I noted in an earlier post, I was pleasantly surprised the yarn was easy to work with.  With my poncho, I had trouble with the yarn clinging to my needles.  In retrospect, it was probably my needles.  This time, I used my Denise needles and had no problems.  Both patterns had increases, so I don’t think it was the pattern.

Danish Shawl in progress (color not true)

Danish Shawl in progress (color not true)

Instead of the corded edge finish, I opted for a simpler single crochet around the shawl.  The ties were made as I made the edging.  At the two corners, I chained 60 stitches, and then came back doing single crochet in the chain loops.  I skipped some of the loops to make ties that will straighten completely.

What do you think?

The original Danish shawl pattern appeared in Spin-Off Magazine.

UPDATE September 2011: The 2008 Spring issue is not available in print. You can get a digital copy of the entire year’s issues.  Click here to buy now!

The links to Spin-Off Magazine in this article are affiliate links. Spin-Off Magazine did not provide me with the pattern or issue.



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