Some days, knitting seems to go really quickly.

And other days, even when knitting, it seems slower.  Sometimes it’s adjusting a pattern, and sometimes it’s the ripping and knitting the same section again.


This sock seems to be going slowly.  For one thing, I decided to add a reinforced old-fashioned heel stitch to the heel.  The directions were for two needles, so an adjustment although minor was needed for working the gusset in the round.  Not a big deal.  I did find keeping track of those stitches and the increases for the gusset challenging.

Especially when I couldn’t concentrate 100% on my knitting.

Which is a good thing, since that’s one of the things I love about knitting.  I learned to multitask while knitting — long before the term was used.  It does take a certain concentration.  And if listening for someone in the other end of the house, well, sometimes the knitting gets interrupted.

And, perseverance eventually pays off.  I did manage to turn the heel, and am happy with the result.


Which leads to another question: how long are these socks going to be?

I don’t know.  I’m thinking of working a while, putting my stitches on holders, and starting the second sock.  With the idea of using about the same amount of yarn to see how much is left.  Maybe giving myself a little more time for inspiration to strike may help.  I’m not sure how I want to incorporate the solid turquoise in the legs, whether alternating striped of Fair Isle and solid … or maybe just work as far as I can in Fair Isle and then finish in sold.

Decisions, decisions.  What a lovely dilemma! 😉

Well, back to knitting…



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