I do.

Especially one not involving violence or intrigue.  Well, maybe just a little intrigue.  After all, that’s what makes a good mystery, isn’t it? 😉

Here’s my current project.


I can tell you it’s a work in progress.  And I’m saving what it is.  Can you guess?

Sometimes knitting projects are a work in progress.  I’ve been known to start projects, and redo them several times.  Sometimes even after I thought the project was done.  But this one, I’ve known since I started what I think it will be.

It’s one of my new designs.  I will give you one hint:  I didn’t have enough yarn to make it all of one color.  It could be one color, but I like it’s at least three different colored yarns.  Not my usual conservative knitting, but that’s okay.

It’s hand spun, hand-dyed wool.  It’s much softer than I suspected it would be.  It’s doubles, and worsted weight.  And it feels as soft as its shades.

When I first learned to knit, I couldn’t knit with wool.  Too scratchy.  But this is different.

It’s surprisingly, pleasantly soft.  And very enjoyable to work with.

Time to go work on it some more …



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