If thoughts of warm, fleece-lined winter clothing bring back fond memories … or feelings of nostalgia, you’re  not alone.

Whether it was the cold weather … the unusually high snowfalls in many areas … or the economy, the past few months fleece-lined patterns were popular.  Especially knitting with thrums.

No, that’s not a typo. Thrum is correct.

This winter everywhere I looked, it seemed thrumming was the latest trend.

So what exactly is thrumming?  According to dictionary.com, a thrum can be any waste thread or yarn.  Or the bits and pieces left when a cloth is cut off a loom.

Thrumming in knitting then involves knitting these pieces along with the yarn used for the mittens … hat … muff … or whatever.  Today, most patterns seem to call for using fleece or roving rather than left over pieces of yarn.  Because the thrum is knit with the yarn, it is secure in the piece, and shows through on the right side.  That can lead to some interesting patterns.  And if several different colored thrums used, quite an intricate pattern can be created.

Can you use the thrums without having them show through on the right side?

Yes, you can.  And it may be simpler than you think.


I made this fleecy muff from Caron One Pounder and fleece.  And, yes, the inside is fleece-lined:


It’s warm, and soft.  And more importantly, two of them have made two elderly ladies I know very happy.  Both use them indoors and out.  One even carries hers everywhere with her, and woe the person who tries to take it away from her!

Both ladies suffer from cold hands.  While it’s an inconvenience to someone who touches their hands, cold hands are uncomfortable and sometimes painful.  Of course, if there’s a medical condition causing it, a doctor should be consulted.  Mittens and gloves can be uncomfortable to wear in the house, and cumbersome to repeatedly take on and off.  Especially by someone whose cold hands may be associated with a decrease in nimbleness of her fingers and hands.

On the other hand, a muff easily slips on and off, and is light enough to be carried.  The one in the picture weighs about 5 ounces.

Perhaps you know someone specific who could use it, or just like the thoughts of nostalgia or happy memories carrying a warm, fleece-lined muff can bring.  If you’d like the pattern, I wrote instructions and include pictures.  Knitted fleecy muff is available as a Ravelry download which you can buy now.



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