My socks are coming along.


As you can see, the second sock is now longer than the first.  This is the first pair of socks I’ve knit for myself.

Being somewhat frugal, I’m using two skeins of different yarn to stretch the Austermann Step Sock Yarn in Sunset Fairisle from Alpaca Direct. I like the color combination, and am happy the two yarns go together so well.  The Austermann Step Sock Yarn is soft, and has aloe and jojoba in it.  My hands feel softer after knitting even a few rounds.  So, I’m sure my feet will appreciate the yarn next winter! 8)

As is typical for me, I’m customizing the pattern. Or should I say patterns?  You see, I’m combining two patterns, plus an old-fashioned reinforced heel stitch.  I certainly don’t want my socks to wear out too soon! And knowing me, I can be hard on socks.  Or maybe I just keep mending and wearing them a long time …

Here’s a closeup of the heels:


And the leg:


If you look closely at the ribbing, you can see how it seems to be knit in a spiral.  I’m hoping the ribbing plus knitting the leg a smidgen narrow for my leg will keep the socks up.  If not I may have to put in elastic … make an old-fashioned garter … or maybe invent something! 😉

Of course, that’s after I finish the socks!  I’ve been wondering if I could knit two socks simultaneously, but decided that would require a second set of needles, plus I’d have to stop and divide the yarn on my skein.  And, frankly, I’d rather be knitting.

Speaking of which, it’s time to knit …



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